We help medical students boost their board scores on USMLE Step 1 and Step 2CK so they can get into the specialty of their dreams.

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Our Proven Process.

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Discover a New Way To Think About Life and Test Taking.

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What our clients are writing about us

And what our clients are saying about us

Went from the 190's to the 250's

Went from the 190's to the 250's

Went from the 190's to the 250's

Went up 25 points on USMLE
Step 2 CK within a month!

Went from 180 to 203 in 2 weeks

Went up 25 points on USMLE
Step 2 CK within a month!

Went from 180 to 203 in 2 weeks

Went up 25 points on USMLE
Step 2 CK within a month!

Went from 180 to 203 in 2 weeks

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What We Do

Create Your Plan

We'll help you craft a personalized study plan to achieve your unique Step goals while working with our seasoned tutors. Improve your test taking efficiency and decrease anxiety to get top scores. We use an evidence-based study method along with peer reviewed resources to ensure that you achieve top scores.

Hire a professional and get the score you deserve.

USMLE expert Tutors will guide you through every step of the journey, monitoring your progress and coaching you to better performance. Follow evidence-based methods to increase your scores. Streamline your thought process.

Top athletes have coaches and top students have tutors. Get a professional and get the match you deserve.

See Your Scores Increase

Our program is a powerful way to see quick and dramatic score increases. Our average student sees an increase of 15-35 points. Increase your scores while decreasing the amount of time spent studying. We will also continue to support you after you finish our course as you near the end of school.

Why Choose Us As Your Guide?

Focused Approach and Winning Community

It's not just a matter of knowing the information, but also applying it. We'll help you with test-taking skills, efficient content retention, techniques to overcome testing anxiety, and study plans. Our tutors are committed to your success, and are there to support and guide you.

Expert Mentorship

A customized roadmap, planning and scheduling is the foundation to success for standardized testing. We can provide practice tests, content review, practice questions, break days, and test day strategies.

Proven Process

We work with students to evaluate their responses to questions, and identify why they are choosing incorrect answers (and how to choose the correct one).

Cut the Fluff

We'll take out the guesswork and show which are the best resources for you, based on your learning style, preferences, and goals. We don't reinvent the wheel; we use outstanding resources along with our assessment of you to develop the very best personalized approach.

What You'll Get

A Proven Process

How do the highest-achieving students succeed at getting top scores while finding time for family, hobbies and exercise? One characteristic they share is that they have a consistent method of analyzing questions and study material to ensure they grasp ideas, concepts and patterns quickly.

But simply making a plan isn’t enough. In this course, you’ll discover the methodology that’s helped thousands of students achieve higher scores while balancing wellness to live happier, more productive lives. Finding success with boards takes commitment, practice and time.

Mastermind Question Strategy

Finding success with the USMLE takes commitment and time. We show you simple, hands-on methods that will help you incorporate more organization and improved study skills into every aspect of preparation, and break the bad habits that are inhibiting you from achieving your full potential. We will show you the Methodology that's helped thousands of students improve their scores drastically and increase their chances of acceptance into residency.

Peer Reviewed Resources

By working with us, you’ll also have the best resources to support you on your journey to increased learning, productivity and test scores. Get exclusive access to additional content, discover tips, and get support from our growing community of successful top Students.

What You'll Get

Test taking is one of the most critical skills a student needs to succeed, but it doesn’t always come naturally. In our course, we’ll explain the 10 winning techniques for processing, distilling, analyzing and correctly answering board questions.

Stop wasting time by being distracted by misleading questions; and start excelling at test taking.

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